【NEWS】D-34 「South Africa World Cup」 Song... Kim Yu-Na,BIGBANG And A Kiss

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Kim Yu-Na - BIGBANG 'Dae~Han Min Guk'

Hyundai PV-CM World Cup Project for the World Cup Official song "The Kiss"

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Figure Queen, BIGBANG and the kiss

It has been confirmed that Kim Yu-Na and BIGBANG has recently shot a PV together. "After her visit to New York for 6 days,Kim returned to Korea and shot a PV with BIGBANG" said the representative.

Kim Yu-Na and BIGBANG,top-notch sport and music superstars join forces in the World Cup song titled 「The Shouts of Reds」 PV.This song was released last March by the rock music group, Trans Fixion, who will also be a part of this PV.

The project sponsor is Hyundai Motor, the official World Cup partner, which they also endorse Kim. The PV is set to air in mid-May and will feature Kim,BIGBANG and Hyundai modern car.

The video teaser of BIGBANG T.O.P,DaeSung and TaeYang with the sign "Kim Yu-Na,please join "The Shouting Project"!" that's held in Daesung's hands has been viewed on YouTube and also the photo of Kim Yu-Na and BIGBANG dance rehearsal is blogged and posted on many online forums.The netizens are discussing about what is going on there with many opinions.

Hear is the song from Hyundai Motor plus the lyrics

The Shouts Of Reds
트랜스픽션(Trans Fixion)

오 대한민국 승리의 함성, 오 대한민국 오~

하늘향해 두팔벌려 모두 함께 노래하자
승리는 우리 것이다
뜨거운 이 함성속에 패배라는 말은 없다
the shouts of reds, Korea

오 대한민국 승리의 함성, 오 대한민국 오~

태극기를 휘날리며 힘을 다해 싸워가자
붉은전사들과 함께
너와 내가 하나라면 두려움은 이젠 없다
the shouts of reds, Korea

오 대한민국 승리의 함성, 오 대한민국 오~

The intro sounds like 애국가 (Aegukga - The National anthem of South Korea) and BIGBANG SeungRi (승리) gets mentioned in the chorus because his name means "VICTORY",the most favorite word in every tournament^^

We are so proud of them for doing this in the name of the country.We wish that South Korea will fly their flag again in the final round like Kim Yu-Na, the gold medalist Olympian & Time 100 Most Influential People, did that before in Vancuver.

Note: "The Reds" is South Korea football team's nickname.This is just so happen that the Korean Team caption,Park Ji-Sung,is from Manchester United,the team that's got the same nick!

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