【INTERVIEW】100426 BIGBANG on Channel 7 「Kan Pak」

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The talk starts at 4:50.

It's so funny that when the MC asked BIGBANG what to wear in summer.TaeYang answered that it's tank top then G-Dragon adds that wearing cropped-top revealing the navel is going to be SEXY! *swoon*

Amen,T.O.P asked that can he splash hot boiling water in Songkran Water Splashing Festival?Man,you're going to kill lots of people doing so.brrrr

SeungRi's Gara Gara Go!! dance move's got my cheeks hurt!Hilars!

And T.O.P confessed his love to the MC shouting "Pom rak khun" (I love you)!I bet lots of VIPs are dying right now...kwenchana yo!He's just joking!

Via WatchThaiLakorn & Thanks im_soda for the head-up!


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