[INFO]BIGBANG [Lollipop Pt.2] digital single release information!!

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It's YG Entertainment.

BIGBANG's new [Lollipop Pt.2] digital single release information in Korea after more than 1 year pasts.

Last year LG CYON used the digital single "Lollipop" as the advertising song for the CM.

It swept the No. 1 spot of many domestic music charts as well as parody, UCC (user-created content) and fashion.

It makes such a sensation.

In the song production, it has come up with many titles to choose from at the "Lollipop" competition and we announce that [Lollipop Pt.2] has got it.

The song was compose by Teddy (the producer), arranged by Teddy, G-Dragon and T.O.P. and co-wrote by BIGBANG.

The song has a flavor of the 5 members with new charismatic electronic pop and hip hop music.

BIGBANG members remake [Lollipop Pt.2] and still keep all the delightful charming of "Lollipop".

The sexy handsome look of the Lollipop phone will draw the opposite sex's attraction like women.

The grown-up BIGBANG members will bring you the harmony in the vocal and approach you with the active and fierce lyrics in the song.

You can feel how charming of all the members actually are.

♦ BIGBANG Digital Single [Lollipop Pt.2] ♦

- Song title: Lollipop Pt.2

- Release source: 2010/2/19 at 11am on-line on the website

BIGBANG digital single [Lollipop Pt.2] will be released on 02/19 only on on-line website.

We look forward to your interest and support.

Thank you

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