[NEWS]TaeYang's double,Sean and Jung Hye-Young's kid,HaRang,is a hot topic.

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YG Next Gen,HaRang,a younger version of BIGBANG TaeYang has caught the eyes of many netizens.

Sean has recently uploaded his baby boy's photo,HaRang,on his mini-homepage.It's where Sean often shows us how much he loves his family.

Netizens are amazed at how HaRang is very closely resemble to BIGBANG TaeYang.

"The Lil TaeYang" has sported in a hip-hop street style clothing and a mohawk hairdo.His father,Sean,is a close friend of TaeYang and they both work for YG.

Some netizens have comments like "HaRang looks so much like TaeYang" and "he's just gradually become more and more like TaeYang"

HaRang-chan can be the next BIGBANG when he grows up.His very first step also begins at YGE!

Via 션-정혜영 아들 하랑이 빅뱅 태양 닮은꼴 외모 화제


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